7 Lockdown Car Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Ride Healthy

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The World Health Organization (WHO), along with medical experts and professionals, claims that the observance of proper hygiene and sanitation helps keep the coronavirus at bay.

People have made it their priority to wash hands frequently and regularly clean and sanitize their homes using different commercial cleaning chemicals. However, as you focus on your health and your home, don’t forget to pay attention to your car, too.

The lockdown has called for businesses to shut down and people to retreat to their homes to minimize unnecessary human movement to prevent the virus from spreading rapidly. This means that most car owners have not used their vehicles since the lockdown started.

7 Car Maintenance Tips to Keep It in Great Condition Despite the Lockdown

Like any other machine or equipment, it needs some tender loving care to ensure that it stays in great condition even if it’s just parked in your garage or driveway.

1. Drive your car once a week to prevent the battery from getting discharged

The primary concern most folks have of keeping a car stored over an extended period is the car battery. To ensure that your battery won’t conk out, you should regularly start the engine.

If you can take it out for a short ride at least once a week, then by all means go. If not, then leave it in idle for a few minutes. It’s better than nothing. However, it is still best to take your car out for a drive.

2. Take it for a spin to keep its moving parts well-lubricated and to avoid flats

There are a few more advantages to taking your car for a short drive. The movement of its different mechanical parts helps lubricate them and keep them from drying out. Going for a drive also helps decrease the rate of deflation of air pressure in your car’s tires.

3. Choose your parking spot wisely

If you don’t have a dedicated parking spot like a garage or a driveway, give careful thought to where you will leave your vehicle.

Permeable surfaces, such as dirt or grass, may cause moisture to go up to your undercarriage leading to rust. A concrete pavement or a gravel surface is the most ideal spot you can find. Also, avoid parking underneath trees, especially if they’re prone to break branches and saps.

4. Do not use the handbrake

Car experts recommend not using the handbrake when leaving your car parked for a long period. Leaving the handbrake engaged for an extended period could cause the brake pads and the rotor to fuse together. It is better to leave the car in gear or Park.

5. Protect your car’s paint by using a car cover

Consider using a car cover to protect your car’s paint job from the elements and other different particles like dust, bird poop, and tree sap, among others. The use of a cover helps protect your car from scratches and other stuff that could damage your paint job. Just make sure to clean your car first before putting the cover on as the cover.

6. Stick to your regular maintenance schedule

Even if we’re on lockdown, it is still recommended that you stick to your car’s regular maintenance schedule.

Check your brakes regularly along with your car’s other fluids. Changing your engine oil at the proper time also helps keep it in tip-top shape even if you’re driving less these days.

7. Wash and clean your car regularly

Giving your car a regular cleaning is an important part of car maintenance. Since you rarely use your car during this time, a once-a-week wash will suffice. Make sure you also clean and disinfect the car’s interiors, too.

If you want to go the extra mile, wax and seal your car for an additional layer of protection for your paint job.

Ensuring your car’s maintenance during lockdown will help you avoid hefty service and repair bills post-lockdown. Following these tips will assure you that your car is still in great condition even if much of the world isn’t.

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