A Step-by-Step Process of Cleaning a Condensate Pump

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One of the most important components of an air conditioning unit is the air conditioner condensate pump. It has three parts — the float, the reservoir, and the pump itself. The pump removes the condensation and prevents the accumulation of stagnant water with the AC system. Otherwise, it can wreak havoc on your unit and can result in expensive repairs.

Condensate pumps work hard so you can maximise the use of your air conditioning unit. To make the most out of the cooling unit, it should be well maintained at all times. Otherwise, it can be prone to overflowing and cause water damage to your unit and your home as well. That is why it is important to clean the condensate pump regularly to ensure its optimum functionality.

How to clean the condensate pump

Experts recommend cleaning the condensate pump about once a year to ensure its smooth-running operations. If you do not pay attention to its cleaning and maintenance, water in it may overflow and result in water damage. In addition, it can lead to the accumulation of mold and mildew that can potentially be dangerous to health.

Regular cleaning and maintenance can also prolong the cooling unit’s lifespan and get the most out of your money. You can either call a professional HVAC personnel to handle your unit. On the other hand, you can do the cleaning and maintenance on your own. Simply follow these tips in cleaning your cooling unit’s condensate pump.

Before cleaning the pump, check first for any signs of leakage or presence of water pooling. If there is such, determine the source of the leakage.

Before doing something within the unit’s system, turn off the power first. Find out where the condensate pump is located within your air conditioning unit.

Remove the PVC tube that is connected to the pump and then looks for the pump itself.

Once located, unplug the pump. The pump looks like a shoebox. Remove the screws on the pump cover, lift the cover, and pour the water content in a bucket or any preferred container.

After removing the accumulated water from the pump, rinse it using clean and hot water. Use a sponge to remove hard stains and other kinds of dirt and debris that have been collected inside the pump unit.

Finish the cleaning process by using a bottle brush or any similar cleaning tool to remove clogging inside the pump.

After cleaning, wipe it dry and reattach the pump inside the air conditioning unit. Make sure that all parts are connected in the right places before turning the power on.

Final words

air conditioning unit

The above mentioned steps can help in your air conditioning unit pump’s cleaning and maintenance. Just like in any other kinds of appliances, it is important to keep your air conditioning unit well-maintained all the time. For one, it can help in prolonging the unit’s lifespan and ensure its optimum performance.

Doing the above mentioned steps can also help you serve money from expensive repairs in the future. But if you are not confident with your DIY instincts, you can always call a professional HVAC personnel to help you with this task.

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