Easy Ways to Improve an Underwhelming PPC Marketing Campaign

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Pay per click is a great digital marketing tool that allows businesses to increase sales, generate leads, and promote brand awareness, depending on their campaign goals. However, not all campaigns will work effectively, even if you put a lot of effort into it. Thankfully, you can always pinpoint what goes wrong when it comes to an underperforming PPC campaign, and then swiftly correct it. The following can be considered a pay per click marketing guide which you can use to help you improve the performance of your PPC marketing campaigns.

Time your ads right

Showing ads at the right time is just as important as showing your ad to the right audience. It might not seem like it, but some ads definitely perform better at a certain time of day. Take, for example, a chain restaurant whose ads perform better during lunchtime when everyone’s figuring out what to eat. Depending on where you’re airing your ads, there are plenty of networks that will allow you to schedule ads for certain days and periods that work best for you.

Boost your Quality Score

The Quality Score of your ad is based on how often both the ad and your customers convert once clicking the ad. This is especially useful for marketers who utilize Google Adwords. The more successful an ad is, the more money Google can make from it. That’s why ads with better Quality Scores get better placement. You should check the quality score of your ads and then see what’s working for your audience and what’s not.

Make use of negative keywords

Negative keywords remove ads that contain a keyword which signifies that the ad will be shown to the wrong audience. This means that you can filter out an audience that won’t respond well to your ad or isn’t interested in what you’re offering. For example, if you’re catering to an audience looking for men’s shoes, you can use “women” as a negative keyword since people who are searching for women’s shoes will be less inclined to click on an ad for men’s shoes. Another example is if you’re selling expensive, luxury goods, using the word “cheap” as a negative keyword prevents the ad from being shown to people looking for knock-off brands.

Research and analyse your competitor

Competitor analysis involves identifying your competitors and analyzing their strategies, weaknesses, and strengths. This method allows you to obtain useful information about who you’re up against. When performing a competitor analysis, you should gather information about who your competitors are, what services and products they’re offering, what their strengths and weaknesses are, what their strategy is, and how much of a threat you pose to them. Once you’ve gathered this information, then you can align your strategies according to what you’ve learned.

Utilize Targeted Landing Pages

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Adding landing pages that customers can reach when clicking an ad is a surefire way to improve your ROI. Land pages are able to translate your website visitors into conversions. A well-designed landing page prioritizes user experience and encourages users to take the desired conversion goal. Keep it simple and minimize distractions, irrelevant menus, images, and sidebars. Don’t forget to include a compelling Call-to-Action that will guarantee that your visitors become customers.

Don’t give up when you see that your PPC campaign is falling short of your goals. All it takes is a few tweaks to improve its performance.

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