Prepare for the Rest of 2019 with These Predictions on Business Services

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On this fifth month of 2019, how is your business faring? Are you getting managed cyber security and IT services to ease your business operations? Do you make use of your business intelligence tools? Is your cyber security truly secure?

If you feel like your business isn’t performing optimally, fear not. It’s not too late to course correct and sail on smoother waters. Use the following trends in various areas of business development to grow your bottom line this year.

Analytics and Business Intelligence

Data management solutions use statistics to analyze raw information derived from business transactions and processes. When you formulate growth strategies, determine risks, and derive a plan to attract investors to your business, you are more than likely to use analytics and business intelligence software to find the information you need to stay on track.

Analytics and business trends for 2019 remain consistent with last year. Master data and data quality management, data discovery, and self-service are the three most important trends. Each trend points towards a strong attraction to business user empowerment. Data governance and “establishing a data-driven culture” suggest strong prioritization of data protection or data security awareness.

Cyber Security

Cyber security is a concern in every industry—even ones that rely on direct mail and non-digital media to implement their functions. Fashion, advertising, academia, entertainment—name an industry and they’ve got a personal cyber security team or hire professional managed services to keep things locked down.

This year, cyber security experts predict that common vulnerabilities and exposures will continue to rise even as more business become data driven. In reaction to that, privacy measures, security assessments, legacy computer network updates, and tighter cloud security will be enforced two-fold.

printing press service

Print Industry

Small to medium businesses continue to rely on enterprise printing to conduct their businesses. Direct mail, catalog and sample sending, advertisement, and subscription services are being offered to their customer base as an alternative to digital advertising services. Traditional printing companies are adapting to suit the needs of their new customers as well.

A few trends that will show up in traditional printing include a need to acquire IT expertise. IT service providers can give print companies an edge by expanding their service portfolio and improving their current products. In connection to cyber security concerns, printing security will be a priority due to IoT (Internet of Things) devices being exploited in security attacks. IoT management platforms will be upgraded to follow the uptick in their popularity.

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud computing infrastructure is quickly becoming irreplaceable in the workplace. The rules that formerly govern IT professionals from the development and operational sides are changing to reflect the convenience and possibilities that cloud computing brings.

What this means for 2019 is the ushering of micro-services in the shape of cloud-native apps. Serverless services from a corporate to open source level, managed containers and security, another cloud consolidation cycle, and a greater push for open source platforms will welcome DevOps this year. Vendors will also slowly infuse AI elements to cloud software services.

Following trends can help turn your business around in the short term. What can make a positive twist permanent is good leadership and firm decision-making skills. Great leaders understand that they need to delegate tasks and base their decisions on good information and personal experience. Good leadership and market awareness can guide a business to success.

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