Profit from Tourism by Trying These Booming Beach Businesses

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You might think that the number of businesses you can have near the shoreline is limited. But many businesses are thriving there. Most of these generate profit from visiting tourists. That alone could make you think about many businesses you can venture into if you’re living near beaches.

Because of the recent crisis that is the pandemic, the tourism industry has been hit hard. A ton of job loss in the tourism industry amounting to over 100 million was recorded in 2020. That’s a lot, and part of them were jobs created for beach tourism.

The good thing is the world is slowly opening. Many countries and borders are easing their lockdown protocols. Researchers are finding ways to revive the tourism industry. Most tourists certainly missed the beaches. So if you’re living near a beach and want to start a business, this may be the right time for you.

If you still have no idea which business you should take chances on, check out this list. Here are some profitable beach businesses you can try.

Food business

If you want longevity, food businesses never go out of style. Tourists would always want to eat, and that’s going to get you serving them non-stop. Strolling the beach can get people hungry. Even endless swimming or sunbathing could get someone to crave food or a drink. If you’re putting up a whole restaurant on the beachside, make sure it’s attractive. That’s what tourists want.

In this age of social media, people are going to take a lot of photos in your restaurant if it’s eye-catching. And if you’re establishing a food business, make sure people can write only good reviews about it. Food should be delicious, staff should be friendly, and the place is sanitary.

Sports and recreations

Two things that attract beach tourists the most are sports and recreation. These are some things they don’t get to experience every day. This is because most of them don’t usually live by the beach. If you have the capital to invest, then go for it. Get a certified surfing instructor and buy surfboards for surf lessons.

Try other activities such as the beach versions of some popular sports. You can own a big area on the beach and make it a volleyball, basketball, or football playing ground. Invest in jet skis and have tourists rent them.

Just make sure to attach tracking devices for these PWCs so you won’t lose them. Boating is also an option the tourists would surely enjoy. There’s a lot for tourists to enjoy when they visit the beach. You can earn from these sport and recreational activities.

Video blogging

Like what was mentioned earlier, most tourists who go to the beach aren’t living near beaches. They come from the busiest cities. They want to relax while enjoying the beautiful place. Going to the beach is a form of escape for them. Since many people couldn’t travel to beaches, why not bring the beach paradise to their homes?

If you live on the shorelines, show people how it’s like living near the beach. You can do this by producing content that shows your beachside lifestyle. You can create a lot of interesting content about living in your area. From food to culture, the subjects are endless. You can even entice tourists to visit your place if you can produce quality content.

Resort and lodging

Wooden furniture in beachfront cafe

If you have lots of capital, go big and build a place where beach visitors can stay. A resort and lodging business is always profitable, especially when they’re near beaches. You don’t want to miss the opportunity in investing where profit is a guarantee.

One idea you can also do is to enlist your lodging on platforms such as Airbnb and Vrbo. These could help your business with its online presence. It’s also going to be easy for people to rent your rooms if you’re integrating lodging platforms into your booking process.

Souvenir shops

Tourists like to bring a part of the place they visit with them when they go home. This is why a souvenir shop can be a viable source of income for you. However, your souvenir shop should set an example for other shops when it comes to preserving the environment.

You can feature artworks from the locals. Do this instead of collecting sand and seashells from the place. Show off some handicrafts your people produce. Give these people the exposure they deserve and help them promote their pieces. Doing this is helpful for the locals as well as the environment.

These types of businesses are useful, not just for you. Imagine how many people you can help get employed. From surfing instructors to hospitality staff, you can surely provide them opportunities. Invest in these businesses and make the beach industry alive again.

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