Staying on Top: Managing Your Pandemic Finances

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Many pandemic worries are centered on how to live the life you may have been used to. Before the pandemic, there are a lot of places you can visit and items you can buy. But it’s not the same after; you may have to tighten your finances a little more to compensate for the uncertainty.

If you’re one of the many who lost their jobs during the pandemic, you’re certainly looking for help to make the most out of your stretched budget. Reliable accountants may help you, or other advisers may give you some useful ideas, but in the end, you’ll ultimately have to find ways to provide for yourself. It’s not that hard since some companies are already looking for remote workers.

Managing money is hard, even before the pandemic. Here’s how you can survive the pandemic and beyond by managing your budget.

Find Negotiations for Bills

Even in a post-pandemic world, this advice could be applied to any bills you have to pay. Struggling with your credit is hard work—bills will always have to be paid, and you might not have the cash to cover it. Not paying bills can hurt your credit score.

You can always ask your lenders to work together for you to pay your bills. After all, they won’t profit if you don’t manage to pay off any existing bills. If you can, try to lobby to lower your bills or move their due dates to when you feel you have the cash to pay the billing companies back.

This can also be used on your house bills. Work with your landlord to come with an agreeable outcome.

Time to Use Your Savings

You’ve been accumulating money all this time simply for nothing, for sure. If you have, you’re hopefully saving up for emergencies, such as this pandemic. If you have enough of those, you might consider tapping into them when the emergencies come. Many people were lucky enough to have emergency funds to tap into when this pandemic started.

You have to remember to differentiate your savings for emergencies from those reserved for your retirement. It’ll help since you usually cannot work anymore after you retire, and your retirement savings will act as your income.

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Take on Debt but Smartly

No one wants to have debt. It always tends to accumulate way out of control, even with just a single slip-up. But there are ways where you can incur debt so you can control your spending.

This starts with your credit card bill and your APR. If you regularly pay off your bill, your APR—the amount your credit card money charges because you are using your credit card to buy things—will not rise at an alarming rate. During the pandemic, it’s good to have a low APR.

Once you have a job (if you don’t have one during the pandemic) or something to pay that debt with, do it. You don’t want a negative mark on your credit score.

Keep Money in a Secure Place

It’s tempting to withdraw most, if not all, of your money during times when there’s an emergency, like a pandemic. But wise money says that you shouldn’t. Your money is safer in your bank or wherever you’re keeping it than in your possession.

There are several protections in place in case something goes wrong with your bank. Your money is also insured to be protected against anything untoward. Your money will be better off kept in a vault or digitally than it is in your wallet, where it’s easier to steal.

Be on Top of Your Finances

It’s hard to earn and keep money, which is why you need to be smart about it. Getting money smart is just one of the many ways to effectively grow your money and not only lose it. There are many tools, but you’re going to have to know why you want to use this in the first place.

Do you want to track where you spend your money? Perhaps you want to build a secure budget that’s pro-savings, or you need to pay off a sizable debt, so you have to control your spending. You should study first before using this software.

That’s what’s needed during this time—a wise spending habit. You need to create the knowledge to make the best use of your money, even during a pandemic. If you do not see the purpose of being money-wise, then do it now, of all times, before the pandemic gets the best of you!

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