Top 5 Most Popular Job Opportunities for Millennials

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Millennials — or individuals born between 1980 and 1996 — faced challenging times to enter the workforce and start growing their careers because most of them graduated around the Great Recession era in 2008. Many faced fierce job competition and a drastic unemployment rate of 10%, leaving millennials, especially fresh college graduates, working in low-paying part-time jobs or work unrelated to their field of study to make ends meet.

But these hard-working individuals beat the odds and are now the largest generation in the workforce, with unemployment rates dropping to 3.9%. There are now numerous job opportunities for millennials.

If you want to expand your career beyond part-time jobs or traditional desk jobs, here are some of the best jobs for millennials.

Public Sector Jobs

Public sectors are any organizations operated by the government and funded by the everyday taxpayers’ money. Starting a career in public services is one of the most flexible career paths you can choose because it covers a broad range of workplaces — education, law, environmental protection, and healthcare. You can consult with recruitment firms for public service jobs to see which position you qualify for.

Job opportunities in this field include teaching, nursing, administration, emergency services, and more. When you work in a public sector, you’re not only choosing a lucrative career path but also serving the public, making you the hero that everyone needs.

Web Developer

Most millennials grew up in the digital era, having never experienced living life before the invention of the internet. Their tech-savvy tendencies make the job of a web developer more than a natural fit for them. The career in web development demands technical skills, including computer coding and understanding web traffic analytics. If you’ve focused on computer-related majors in college, such as computer science and information technology, being a web developer is your calling. You can work as an independent contractor or apply for corporations and other organizations.

Dental Assistants

Dental assistants perform several duties inside a dentist’s office, including preparing dental equipment, taking x-rays, and administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments and record keeping. The high job growth of this job opportunity is due to the increasing healthcare demands of the aging population.

Makeup Artists

A fun career that many millennials are diving into is becoming a makeup artist. There are several opportunities to work for department stores, specialty makeup stores, live theaters, galas, and weddings. Or you can start fresh and work for yourself as a freelance makeup artist, giving you flexible schedules.

Interpreter and Translator

Translators convey information from one language to another. A career in translating and interpreting requires you to be fluent in at least two distinct languages and have strong reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. The work you do as an interpreter or translator varies daily, which provides you with several opportunities to learn. Around 20% of people working as a translator or interpreter are self-employed, while others work for agencies, schools, hospitals, and courtrooms.


Bartender making alcohol coctail

Bartending is the most popular choice among millennials as it doesn’t require formal education and credentials, making it virtually open to anyone. A whopping 60% of the bartenders today are millennials. You can learn on the job or take a brief bartending course to start a fun career in bartending.

Never settle for less, explore the different job opportunities, and begin growing your fruitful careers day by day.

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