Areas to Pay Attention to When Cleaning Your Retail Store

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A clean and organized store will influence customers to stay longer and buy more things, as opposed to a dirty store that can repel customers before they even set foot in your store. Aside from increasing sales, a clean store can also be a significant morale booster for employees who have to spend all day in it. That said, it shouldn’t be a question of when to do it, but rather how to do it. Luckily, you can easily get help from retail store cleaning service companies in Kansas City and other areas.

Here are the areas that need the most attention when cleaning:

1. Windows

Store windows are the first thing customers see when they approach the establishment. When your store windows are dirty, people will be quick to assume that the inside of your store is dirty, too. For that reason, make sure your windows are always clean and free from smudges.

2. Restrooms

Customers usually avoid coming back to a store that has dirty and smelly bathrooms. If you don’t want to be one of those stores, employ an efficient and sustainable cleaning schedule for your bathrooms. Make sure every hour, an employee will check if the toilet is clean, the toilet paper roll is sufficient, and there is no unpleasant odor in the bathroom.

3. Floors

store floor

Whether your store’s floors are linoleum or carpet, there is no reason to leave them dirty, especially if your store experiences heavy foot traffic. Keep them clean by passing a broom, mop, or vacuum in the major floor areas during non-peak hours. To prevent customers from bringing in too much dirt with their shoes, you can put heavy-duty mats by the door that should take most of the outside grime.

4. Carts and baskets

No one likes dirty carts and baskets, especially if they are shopping in a food store. Clean them at least once or twice a week. If your store has a lot of customers using shopping carts and baskets every day, consider having them cleaned at least thrice a week.

5. Displays

Have you ever taken an item from a shelf and then realized that you had dust all over your hands? If your customers have that experience at your store, there is a lesser chance that they will actually buy that item, much less continue looking at it. To avoid this problem, dust your display tables and shelves at least once a day to keep everything attractive.

Aside from keeping products clean, regular dusting will also prevent stale odors in the air and allergens from accumulating, making way for better indoor air quality.

6. Walls

Customers will probably not inspect your walls, but you still don’t want them seeing smudges and stains. Keep your walls clean with a weekly wipe-down and remove any stains or smudges as soon as they appear.

Customers don’t want to shop at a dirty store. So, if you want to increase revenue and maintain a good reputation, pay attention to these key areas when cleaning your retail store.

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