Design Strategies: Make Your Promotional Bags Stand Out

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We might be at the peak of digital technology, but prints haven’t lost their touch yet. You can still find many brand promotions in printed posters and other forms of physical displays. When you shop at a store, you’ll be given a shopping bag bearing the brand’s name. In some situations, the brand offers a complementary product, which could be a promotional bag.

Promotional bags are mostly custom tote bags. They are highly useful because of their size that accommodates several. Having tote bags eliminates our need for plastic bags, especially when we go grocery shopping. If retail companies use durable eco-bags for their promotional bags, they do not only provide convenience for their customers; they also contribute to saving the environment. Here’s how you can make your promotional bag a hit:

1. Keep It Simple

When customers are searching for products to buy, most of them will scan their options for only a few seconds before selecting one. If you’re going to use your promotional bag as your product’s packaging, then it should be able to catch your customer’s attention right away. Design your promotional bag with a few simple but compelling words that describe your brand. Keep the design clean; it should overwhelm your customers and make them skip your product.

2. Be Clear

When designing packaging, it should tell others what the product is for. The same can be said of a promotional bag. The customer should be able to see what the products are and their purpose. Apart from that, your promotional bags should make customers understand what your brand is about.

3.  Make It Unique

When your product sits on a shelf with several other competing products, your promotional bag should have a unique element that would attract customers. Select shapes, designs, or themes that aren’t commonly seen in other promotional bags. It is already given that your brand’s name and logo will be printed on it, but with a theme, you can catch more attention.

The theme should bear your brand’s message, and this message has to be something that emphasizes your position on the market. Most importantly, the theme should relate to your product. A unique and eye-catching theme will appeal to more customers, increase brand awareness, and ultimately increase your sales.

Why Promotional Bags Are Effective

Promotional tote bag

Producing promotional tote bags is a smart move for a company. As stated, tote bags are highly useful, which has made them a staple item in many homes.

Furthermore, tote bags can be brought to many places, which means that they get a lot of exposure. With your brand evident in such containers, more people can take notice of it, and you can win the interest of some.

Logo tote bags are also a practical item. Even if the brand’s products are marketed to a specific demographic, the bags will be useful to any individual, regardless of age, gender, and occupation, especially if the design is gender-neutral.

Handing out promotional bags during in-store events will be highly effective. The customers who attend your brand’s events are the ambassadors that your brand needs. A promotional bag can serve as your reward for them and for the others who will come to support your brand as well. Gifts can motivate your customers to stay tuned to what your brand will release next.

Loyal customers can also be given promotional bags as an incentive for their continued patronage. Customers who spend a certain amount can also be given a promotional bag as a gift to encourage them to keep on buying your products.

Overall, we can all say that promotional bags have a significant impact on a brand. They optimize brand awareness, leading to an increase in sales. With a well-designed and highly functional bag, your brand will be perceived in a good light.

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