Best Alternatives for Branded Gym Bags

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Promotional items have, for the longest time, been at the forefront of marketing. These have assured companies of optimal brand visibility and loyalty. Giving one or two items with your brand colours and logos that you deem functional and relevant to your target market will, unfortunately, not do much for your profits nowadays.

Clients are increasingly fussy, and you will have to work twice as hard to remain visible among the numerous types of marketing channels. Personalised leather giveaways or gifts are among the best-performing products in today’s marketing world.

Instead of leather belts and wallets that remain primarily hidden and might not have as much an impact as you are aiming for, go for gym bags. With the push towards a healthy lifestyle and the subsequent membership increment to the gym, you are guaranteed that at least 85% of your clients will use the item.

Leather is the best choice for gym bags. It is easy to maintain and clean. And it exudes a stylish look that will complement the trendy gym wear being seen nowadays. Here are some gym bag alternatives you can pick as your company’s promotional item.


These exude a stylish look and are easy to carry. Moreover, they come in different sizes to match the needs of all gym users and are among the most versatile of all gym bags. They can thus also be used by your items’ recipients to carry laptops and books.

When picking a backpack for your promotional item, opt for the compartmentalised ones that will boost their functionality and make them ideal for packing different items. Though expensive, the versatility of backpacks increases their use and, consequently, visibility.

man skipping rope at the gym

Duffel Bags

These are the go-to gym bag choice for men and women. They exude the classic gym look and are quite roomy to carry all gym essentials without bulging. Most duffel bags come with compartments to separate the different essentials needed for the gym.

Furthermore, they are made of soft material that is easy to fold and fit in a locker. Duffel bags will be an inexpensive choice for your branded gym bag since the material is soft, and there are not too many frills on the bag.

Tote Bags

These are an ideal choice for gym-goers aiming for a chic look. They are one of the most spacious choices, though they are also heavier compared to other gym bag alternatives. Tote bags are quite versatile since they can also be used as shopping bags or a lady’s handbag.

Messenger Bags and Briefcases

These are ideal for those who head to the gym after they leave their workplace. Messenger bags and briefcases will match both gym and formal wear and will thus allow a smooth transition from the office to the gym. The bags are also pretty spacious and can be used by both men and women.

The days of giving anything as a promotional item to your audience, hoping to increase returns, are long gone. The above gym bag alternatives are currently among the best choices across all markets. To give a whole gym package, pair the bag with a branded reusable water bottle, gym wear and even a yoga mat.

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