What to Do to Pass Time Wisely

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Whenever you have spare time to burn, you probably spend your extra hours sleeping in, scrolling through your smartphone, or partying out. Now, none of this is a bad thing. You deserve those extra hours relaxing in bed or having fun with friends.

But, you know too well that time is short. You can use your extra time for more productive things. Here is a short list of the things you can do with your spare time.

Focus on your physical health

Whether you have the whole weekend or you just have a two-hour leftover from the day, you can use the time to focus on your health and fitness. And no, you do not have to go to the gym to get your fitness levels up.

You can simply work out at home or around your area and do basic exercises, such as pushups, abdominal crunches, jumping jacks, and running. This way, you get a good workout and at the same time, manage to save yourself some money from subscribing to an expensive gym membership.

But, if you have the cash to spare, then a gym membership and a personal trainer can help you achieve your goals, perhaps faster and easier. Just take note that it takes commitment to achieve your fitness goals.

Educate and entertain yourself

at a museum

Aside from giving attention to your physical health, you can also opt to enroll in some classes for your own personal development. This is especially useful if you want the extra credentials in your resume or you simply want to learn more about the different things in life.

One example of a wise way to spend your extra time is to learn a new language. Do not worry; such an area of learning does not necessarily require you to shell out cash. You can easily learn a new language using mobile applications like Duolingo, where you can incrementally add new words and phrases to your dictionary at your own pace.

You can also use the spare time to entertain yourself. No, it is not just going to the movies or hanging out at the mall. Why don’t you do something more productive and educational, like going to a performing arts theater in Minnesota or making a trip to the local museum? You can learn many new things in these visits and entertain yourself at the same time.


Of course, if you want to take advantage of the extra time for resting, you can always meditate. Meditation can help with de-stressing, especially after a long week at work.

You do not even need to dedicate the whole day for your meditation. You can simply allot a few minutes of your time for a silent retreat from the world. This means no phones and laptops. Just you, a comfortable place to sit in, and a still and quiet room.

Make use of your extra time wisely. You can always go to the mall with your friends or go drinking on Friday nights. But, you can also use the time for something for meaningful. Time is a luxury, so make the best of what you have every day.

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