Content Quality Matters: The Worst Mistakes in Digital Marketing

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If you are trying to promote your products by solely investing in social media’s paid promotion, you have to step back.

Investing a high budget on paid promotion is good if you are trying to gain brand awareness. But it doesn’t mean you can neglect the quality of your content.

You can create hundreds of marvelous digital marketing strategies and pay millions of social media paid promotion. But cheap content will make all of your efforts become a waste.

Matching the quality of your content with your genius marketing strategies is essential. In particular, if you want to create an effective advertisement.

Avoid these mistakes when you are creating your content.

Never Underestimate The Power of Visual

A visual plays many roles in an advertisement. It can deliver information effectively to your audience. People process images 60,000 times faster than plain text. That leads to an increasing interest in infographic ads and video ads.

Infographic Ads

The worst mistake in creating infographic ads is putting too many texts on the infographic. It ruins the point of delivering information through visuals.

Overwhelming text usually leads to a cramped design, and it suffocates the readers. You have to create some negative space in your content. Let your content breathe.

Video Ads

Creating video ads is more complicated than other types of ads. There are many mistakes that you have to avoid in creating this kind of ad.

  • You’re not aware of the model’s wardrobe. If you are advertising a winter vacation, sunglasses and a tropical T-shirt are sending the wrong message. A man wearing a ski jacket will be relevant, and you can add skiing as the vacation destination for the tourist.
  • Stealing other people’s footages. This is a problem that often encountered by a low-budget content creator. They steal footage from other people’s content and use them without permission. The worst, someone can file a lawsuit against your content and you have to take them down. It will become a disgrace to your company’s reputation.
  • You use the wrong audio. Audio is crucial to set the mood of your ad. You are not supposed to choose the audio based on your liking. Match the ads’ tone to the audio and set the mood right.
  • Overwhelming text. Just like the infographic ads, you shouldn’t add too much text to your video. Only add the core message on your ads, such as contact information, website, etc.

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How Do You Deliver Your Products

Delivering your product has a close relationship with the words you choose in your copy. Pay more attention to these details.

It’s not about you.

The biggest mistake that a content creator can make is talking about themselves. You want to highlight how your products are different and better than the other products. After all, it is the result of your hard work, and you want to tell the reader how amazing your team is.

The sad fact, no one cares about that. Your consumers want to know how your product is going to be useful for them. They want to know the benefits of buying your products. Focus on their needs and the ability of your product to match them.

The tone of your ads.

According to research, 95% of consumers try to get brands to stop sending them content and ads. Among them, 46% state that it is because the copy is too pushy.

It brings us to a conclusion: some consumers prefer an ad without a pushy copy. And this is where you might want to consider revising your ‘call to action’ part.

The ‘call to action’ part is essential, but it doesn’t have to be pushy. Deliver the urgency of action elegantly. Make it more personalized to touch your audience unless your product requires a ‘pushy tone’ in your copy.

Research your audience’s preference and match the tone of your copy. This point relates to the next mistake.

The Importance of Research

When you are creating advertisement content, many aspects require thorough research. But sadly, these aspects are often underestimated by the content creator.

  • Research the preference of your targeted audience. Take note of the trends in your audience and how your product is going to fit in.
  • Use reliable sources. Avoid using sources with questionable credibility. Do not use conspiracy as the source of your information. It doesn’t mean you can’t ride the wave of the conspiracy’s popularity to pitch your audience. Pay attention to your product’s image and reputation.

Content creation is as important as creating a strategy. It requires creativity, originality, and how to leave a deep impression on your audience. There are many factors for you to consider. Reaching out to your audience is necessary, but delivering the right message is also crucial.

If you have a high-quality advertisement but fail to reach your audience, your content will become a waste.

But if you reach your audience with a crappy advertisement, they will ignore your content.

You can’t invest only on one side and neglecting or downgrading the other side. You have to balance your investment. It applies to both the quality of your content and the strategy of reaching your audiences.

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