Creative Ways to Use the Internet for Parenting

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Today’s toddlers learn to use tablets and phones before they learn how to write. A lot of parents may not like this even though this has quickly become a reality for many kids. Some parents try to resist this by limiting screen time. They do not give their children access to Internet-enabled devices until they are older. But instead of fighting it, a better way to deal with this change might be to make sure that when children and teenagers spend time on the Internet, they are being productive. Make sure that they use the Internet as a good tool for learning. Here are some ways you can ensure that:

Kid using a laptop to learn

Monitor their online activity

The first step to ensuring that your child is being productive online is to set up certain guidelines and boundaries. You do not have to peek over their shoulder and constantly take note of what they are doing. But it is important that you let them know that you will be observing them from time to time. Look at their browser history to make sure that they are safe. They should not spend all their time on social media or watching videos. It is okay to use the Internet for these things, but it should be rationed. It is easy to start doing something online and end up wasting hours doing nothing worthwhile.

Encourage them to take up coding

A good way to get your child acquainted with technology is to encourage them to play with technology. There are many simple apps and tools that can teach kids programming and coding. You can get them enrolled in an online course as well. These kinds of courses let them do fun activities such as making their own game while introducing them to the core logic behind how programs work. You can also buy them a device such as a Raspberry Pi, which they can use to learn the building blocks of programming.

Get them interested in brain boosters

There are many different resources available on the Internet. You can direct their online time by introducing them to interesting and educational websites and channels, where they can play games. These games should require them to engage their thinking skills. You can also buy Sudoku books online or easy math books for them. These can encourage them to solve logical problems. There are other things that can boost their thinking skills as well, such as online puzzles or trivia quizzes about science and history.

Man and kid using a tablet together

Introduce them to e-books and audiobooks

For many parents, one of the biggest complaints is their children’s reluctance to read books. Kids often prefer watching videos and playing games to reading books. Introducing them to e-books and audiobooks may be a way to get them interested. Get them a device specifically for reading books, interactive books, and magazine subscriptions. These will help them develop a reading habit.

It is important to remember that the Internet can be both good and bad for growing children. You do not have to prevent them from using the Internet. It is your job as a parent to guide them toward utilizing this great resource in a beneficial way.

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