Top Tips for Planning a Successful Team Building Event

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Most employees wait in excitement for the next weekend or holiday, looking forward to relaxing and having some fun with family and friends. However, there is another event also worth the excitement, and that is the company’s annual team building activities.

Sure, these activities may seem like an excuse to get everybody in better shape through physically demanding exercises. They may even seem forced at times just for the sake of encouraging teamwork. But there is so much more that everyone in the office can get from these team building activities.

Yes, the main goal of this annual event is to improve workplace teamwork and strengthen professional relationships among employees. However, the benefits extend far more than that.

Team building may have a bad reputation among some employees, but it actually helps build trust and improve communication among colleagues. It is also good for company culture, as it can be seen as an annual get-together for fun.

And these are just the basics. It depends on the company what type of skills and attitude they want to instil on employees. So, in what simple ways can you improve this traditional activity so that more people in your company decide to come and join?

Choose a great venue

beach volleyball

A great venue is one of the best ways to entice employees into joining the event. If you plan to go to a beach resort, for example, most employees will come not only to join the activities but also to enjoy themselves under the sun. Or, if you book rooms in some fancy hotel in town, they will be enticed by the nice rooms awaiting them, not to mention the feast that they will have in the hotel’s luxurious restaurant.

You can even throw in some nice apparel and souvenirs from product suppliers like Promotional Centre, which can customise company shirts, hats, bags, and everything you need for the event.

Choose a great facilitator

A great team building facilitator can be a major draw for your employees, as well, especially if they have the credentials to back up their reputation. An experienced facilitator will take care of most of the activities and scheduling, but you will need to look for the best if you want your event to be a success and a productive learning experience.

Look around for people who would fit your criteria and ask what they can contribute to your event. Can they give new strategies and ideas on how to be a better unit at work? Can they handle large groups? Can they train and teach everyone new skills that they can use for their work? Such criteria will vary per person and company, so you need to look for the right person for the job.

A team building event is both a fun and educational experience. Not only do employees and bosses alike get to relax and unwind for a couple of days, but they also learn how to get along better with colleagues, improve teamwork, and implement more efficient work strategies.

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