Effective Signage: Four Ways to Help Great Designs Stand Out Even Better

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When you invest in signage for your store, you’re probably looking to put it out front. This can be a problem if everyone else around you has done the same. Even great designs might not stand out when they all occupy the same eye-level visual real estate. While you certainly shouldn’t skip hanging a sign outside your business altogether, here are a few ways to supplement the main storefront sign.

Cover the area

Spreading awareness of your store’s presence can be accomplished through the time-tested method of putting up multiple signs in the surrounding area. Mass-produced signs are cost-effective and easy to install and remove – perfect for a seasonal campaign or special event promotion, as you can replace them with new ones in a few weeks.

You probably don’t want to plaster an ad for your business every few yards; people might get annoyed with the oversaturation of ads, the environment can get messy, and costs can pile up. Strategic placement and effective coverage are more important.

If you are located in a mall or multi-use development, window decals can be great at catching the eye and are easy to apply. Outdoors, you need more visual space, while at the same time protecting your medium. Protecting big posters with a large format laminator can be an efficient solution to produce multiple outdoor signs that resist ordinary wear and tear.

Stand tall

An easy way to exploit open spaces, placing your signage on a flag or pole can draw attention easily. Flags also wave in the wind, and movement leads to an inadvertent focus on the viewer’s part. Even a single banner of this type could be seen from a good distance and potentially provide a great return on investment. However, it’s a very location-dependent strategy; in an area crowded with buildings, visibility for this type of signage can be greatly reduced. You may also have to procure the necessary permits if mounting the sign somewhere other than your property.

Look down


If you’re looking for creative ways to draw attention, the opposite direction also works – getting people to look down can set you apart. Busy pedestrian areas have a lot of people watching where they walk, so placing floor decals or A-frames in key areas will establish your presence amid all that foot traffic. However, your sign will be subject to a lot more wear and tear. You’ll have to be prepared to maintain or replace these signs constantly, so using an inexpensive plastic material makes sense in most locations.


You can always catch people’s attention by having your sign stick out. This can be done in several creative ways – from blade signs to awnings and canopies right in front of your store. You can also raise lettering off the façade, or invest in three-dimensional permanent displays.

While this type of solution can be expensive, it’s also very effective when done right. In crowded spaces or busy streets with numerous commercial establishments, making your retail store sign quite literally stick out can be the best way to grab everyone’s attention.

When it comes to effective signage, these are just a few alternative strategies you can use to let people in the area know about your business and establish a presence. Consider the ways you can stand out from everybody else, and you might even become a landmark establishment in the neighbourhood.

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