Starting a Business and Exploring Your Options

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 Wanting to be an entrepreneur is easy but becoming one can be hard. In many ways knowing that there are numerous business areas to explore can feel overwhelming. The trick is to find a business that you are passionate about and enjoy. Building a business is hard work and you will have many long nights and stress. But the effort will come easier if you can truly appreciate how people will benefit from your company.  

In many ways, the plain benefit of your services or products is not the only reason why people will have need of your business. As someone who enjoys the activity and has benefited from it, you will understand the nuances better. This means that you must take the time to experience the activity and study if you can bring something special or different to the experience that your competitors do not.  

This time that you take to consider what the existing businesses in your chosen marketplace are bringing to the table will help you to identify how to stand out. Whether it is in bringing in better virtual shooting range equipment to make the experience at your store more authentic, or in training staff to be more proactive and involved in helping customers understand their needs.  

The success of a business often hinges on simple things. Customer service is a simple thing. Happy employees make for happy customers who then continue to support your business because they find satisfaction in their interactions with your staff. That said, with this knowledge, you can concentrate on finding the business that appeals to you on a passion for enjoyment and simplicity in execution levels.                

Property Management

This is great for people who are organized by nature and have a knack for home repair. Generally, a property manager simply helps landlords to maintain their rental properties and ensure that tenants are obeying rules and leaving the homes in good condition.  

You would also arrange for cleaning and updating of the properties and serve as the emergency contact for tenants who encounter any problems.  

Concierge Service

This is great for people who are very efficient and enjoy helping others to be organized. People who hire a personal concierge service are generally looking for someone who can help them manage their busy lives better.  

You may find yourself running different types of errands from making appointments to picking up dry cleaning. If you enjoy having a job that gives you new challenges every day then this would be a great job for you.  


There are so many types of writing within the copywriting field. You can write SEO content for blogs and small businesses. You could ghost-write on behalf of companies that need to bolster their website blog or for busy social media influencers who need constant and consistent content.  

There is also a niche area where you can serve as a proofreader and editor for authors. This can be repetitive and boring if you do not enjoy the minutia of going over a text repeatedly till it is polished.  

If you prefer more excitement and variety you can also branch out into working with marketing companies and advertising firms. Or even directly with entrepreneurs and small business owners. This can lead to you being able to write advertising copy for social media as well as print, information brochures, or attractive catalogs describing products and many more.  


If you love interior decorating or enjoy designing a clean and organized household, then you can offer this as a service to people. You may be surprised by how many people could use your help in organizing their homes, closets, kitchens, and offices.  

Many people feel overwhelmed at the idea of sorting out their things and organizing them. If you enjoy making things neat and clearly marking containers and drawers and helping people find peace amid their chaos, then this could be a very enjoyable job for you.  

Exporting Goods

This is probably best for people who have lived abroad and sent items to and from their home country. It is also a good area for people who have experience with the logistics and paperwork required to send items across borders.  

You can easily learn the basics and find the information about how your countries customs authority view the different types of packages so you can advise your clients best. This business may be more secure if you work with small businesses than with individuals. Individuals tend to be a less reliable form of income whereas a small business would be happy to enter into a contract, so they can keep supplying their overseas customers with their orders.

Consider a business that allows you to work in a consultant role with a larger organization. Get into a training program or take a short course to learn how you can be an energy auditor and then offer your services. You are likely to see a lot of work through real estate agents who can recommend you to their clients. You could provide a breakdown of the electrical use and how it is impacted by the heating and cooling systems of the home as well as the insulation situation in the home.  

There is also a chance that if you are interested in working closely with the government, that you can get a job with the state as an energy auditor on their payroll. This allows your business a great deal of authenticity and a better chance of long-term survival. It also means that individual clients are more likely to connect with you to get help with improving their efficiency rating or doing appliance audits, etc.

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