Finding the Right Balance Between Work and Life in the Pandemic

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The pandemic has brought us to a whole new experience. It gave us a roller-coaster ride ever since it started. It challenged us on many aspects we never expected, from our personal lives up to our work. It gave us many perspectives, which lead us to realize plenty of things in our lives, families, and careers.

Many of us live in the new normal wherein we are not allowed to go outside our house without using face masks to protect ourselves and others from spreading the virus. Not just that, but many careers and ways of working were affected. Unfortunately, some people became unemployed due to the cost-cutting of companies.

Some people are fortunate to sustain their work but are currently living in the new normal where most are working from home. Even before the pandemic happens, many of us find it hard to balance work and living.

It has been an ever-challenging thing to maintain. There were times that a person does not even know that there is such a thing as balancing life and work. Many are labeled workaholics because of a lack of sustaining their lives outside work.

Learn to Say No

You can never go wrong by saying no to people or to work. This practice has never failed to prove one’s capabilities to accept challenges within his or her reach. Learning to say no is a practice where a person can discover his or her strengths and weaknesses. It is also not much cost if you will say no to work, especially if it is beyond your working hours.

One of the struggles a person working from home may encounter is losing control over their time. It is mostly perceived that you tend to have more time on your hand when you are working at home, but unfortunately, it is the other way around. Bosses with this perception most probably give more tasks than usual.

Learning to say no to such tasks that will consume your after-work time will contribute to a much more effective work-life balance. Also, it was mentioned by Energy Resourcing that as simple as not checking email in the evening or on the weekend is one of the practical ways of saying no.

Eat Up

eating an ice cream

It is important to feed yourself nutritious meals every day. Preparing lunch is a must for you to take a good and proper break from your work. Having easy access to the fridge since working from home is not a pass for you to skip a good meal. We all know that a meal feeds not just your body but also your brain, and enough break may give you rest to regain your energy.

Start Your Day As If You Don’t Work from Home

Many say that starting your day right is a way to have a good day. Now that you will be waking up, working, and sleeping in the same place, how are you going to start your day, right? Start with your usual morning routine as if you are not working from home.

Prepare a good breakfast and have a light exercise or simple stretching to give yourself a good blood flow. It is also important to freshen up by taking a bath and wear comfortable clothes so you can really be ready for the day.

Always remember, do not let pandemic change your lifestyle as well. You are still able to engage yourself in an active living even if you are just at home.

Choose Work-from-Home Friendly Jobs

If you happen to look for part-time jobs to sustain your living, it is important to choose a job in which your time is in your hands. These could mostly focus on your expertise, like being a consultant, financial advisor, or personal coach.

There are wide options for those in the information technology industry like web designing and/or developing, offering PPC services, and software and hardware developing. Working from home also benefits artists’ jobs through digital arts.

By looking for these kinds of part-time jobs that fit your expertise, you may be able to maximize your time and add up to your income flow. In fact, based on Stanford Research, 42 percent of the U.S. labor force is now working from home full-time. There seems to be a great opportunity to work at home.

Pandemic challenged us in many aspects, but we are all born to adapt to such situations making us resilient and flexible. Even though you have these traits, we need to balance working and having a life. It will benefit us from our physical being down to our mental health. It is essential to keep ourselves healthy, especially during this pandemic.

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