Building Blocks for Success: How Lego Optimized its Digital Marketing Strategy

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Lego is a brand you can’t miss when you’re out shopping. No matter where you go, the bright red logo is everywhere, even in places where it’s not supposed to be. You’re going to see them in department stores, billboards, and even food shops. This iconic toy company has made its mission to market itself worldwide and is successful in doing so. Its products are sold in over 130 countries, and its competitors have even created cheap knock-offs of the brand to disrupt the brand and capitalize on its success. But anyone can distinguish the knock-off from the real thing because of its robust packaging.

One of the more recent successes that the company has had throughout the years is in digital marketing. Lego has a dominant presence on the internet, partly because of its wide array of characters and partnerships with well-known brands. We’re going to take a good look into the company’s digital marketing success and help you apply these strategies to your business.

Social Media Presence

Lego is a toy company. There is no doubt about that. But you wouldn’t expect a toy company to be on top of the list of most followed brands on various social media sites. Lego has 14 million followers on Facebook alone. Millions more are following its Instagram account. How did a toy company have one of the most significant social media presence on the internet? The answer to that is simple: creative and frequent posting.

If you look into Lego’s social media pages, you’ll see that it has mastered the art of captivating the audience. Many of its posts tackle social situations in a light-hearted manner while also using its products and brand. For example, during Elon Musk’s disastrous presentation of Cybertruck’s bulletproof glass, Lego posted a simple Lego block with wheels with the quote: “The evolution of the truck is here. Guaranteed shatterproof.” This is just an example of how the company creatively captivates its audience using its posts on social media sites.

The company also posts quite frequently. Sometimes it posts launches of new products, creations by its community, and so much more. This ensures that the company has a social media presence no matter what.

The way Lego manages its social media sites should be the way you manage yours. Creative posts and frequent posting (once a day) can help you increase your presence on social media sites. Stop asking for people to like your company’s page. Instead, give them something to like and follow about. If you think that you’re going to run out of creativity, the internet has so much more. So do your research and started posting creatively!

Online Advertisements

Lego is also prevalent in online ads. Whenever you search for toys or gifts in Google or any search engine, you’re going to see ads leading you to their sites. It’s also seen promoting itself on e-commerce sites such as Amazon. Online ads can be costly. It can certainly help you drive traffic to your website. Lego buys these ads in bulk and saturates the online market with them. This maximizes the traffic and reaches the company has to consumers.

The way Lego does its online advertisements is something you can apply to your company. You might not be able to spend the same amount of funds as it has on online ads, but you can certainly find creative ways to advertise yourself creatively. One way of doing this is by using pay-per-click advertisements. Pay-per-click services or PPC services can play a big role in the growth of your company. These ads link themselves to particular keywords that consumers search in your industry.

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Every time they click the ad, the platform gets a small amount of money from it. This incentivizes content creators and the platform to promote your website because the more clicks they have, the more money they get. The more PPC content you get, the more you can saturate your given market. It’s a simple formula that works well over time.

Partnerships with Other Brands

If there is a brand out there dominating the world of media, there is a good chance there is a Lego product for it. Take the success of the Marvel cinematic universe, for example. Lego partnered with Marvel to create superheroes in its product line, and it has earned millions of dollars from it. It’s also free marketing from the partnership because it’s in Marvel’s best interest to market the Lego product to their consumers. This organically increases the reach of both companies without sacrificing too much in the process.

Partnering with other brands for the sake of marketing is something you should consider in your industry. Creative industries can expand the reach of both companies with minimal cost. Consider looking for a brand that you can partner up with, and negotiate to them marketing deals you can have together.

Lego became such a successful digital brand despite being a toy company. By applying these strategies in your business, you can market your company more efficiently digitally. So try these out and see which strategy works for you!

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