Marketing Your House in a Digital Landscape

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The internet culture has changed how people go about doing things every day. People have found comfort in shopping online for everything. This even includes shopping for a new home. This is true even before all the travel restrictions and regulated mobility.

2018 survey shows that 93% of house hunters in the U.S. have used online websites to find their new living spaces. This isn’t very surprising when you can find almost anything online nowadays. But this also means that people who plan on selling their houses should cover the online market from now on.   If you want a guaranteed sale from selling your house online, you can apply the following tips. Check them out below and get to know how you can market your homes online in the most effective ways.

Online listings

Though many have become fascinated with the addicting designs of websites, a simple user interface is still surviving. This is why there are still people who use online listings to look for things to buy. And yes, houses for sale can still be found on these online listings. Some people just prefer using Craigslist and similar sites for shopping. It’s like browsing good old classified ads in a newspaper. Advertising your home in online listings requires a comprehensive approach.

You should list all the things buyers could enjoy after buying your house. You should also include the advantages of living in your house’s location. Emphasize how safe the neighborhood is and the satisfactory presence of authorities. You should be able to fit all those in a short but very convincing advertisement.


Instagram and Pinterest have become staple websites when it comes to visual platforms. If you’re planning to put out your house for display using these websites, the execution should be well-planned. You need to take good photographs of your house and upload these attractive photos. But just like any other shoot, you have to prepare your subject for the camera. Make your house look good in person first by cleaning your premises. Clean the interiors too for a better appearance. Boost your house’s photographic curb appeal by sprucing up your lawn.

Apply durable brick slips on your house’s exterior for a classic look. And of course, you won’t get a great shot without a good photographer. Hire one who understands online marketing. A good ad photographer knows which angles of the house should take the spotlight. After getting the nicest shots of your house, upload them to the mentioned platforms. Make sure to use the appropriate hashtags so your advertisement could reach the proper audience.

Social Media Apps

Social media mileage

Speaking of online platforms, social media is a powerful tool to reach out to people. With almost 300 million users in the U.S., social media is a viable venue to sell your house. To do this, you should sign up for social media accounts. Start engaging with pages and groups where you can find potential buyers. You can also use social media to meet and talk to people who have expertise in selling houses online. Have conversations with people who have experienced selling their houses on the platform.

Another option you can find on social media is the marketplace. You can enlist your house in these marketplaces and put every vital information in your advertisement. The best thing about selling on social media is your access to statistics. You can use its tools to see how many people you have reached with your advertisement. These data are useful in determining whether the time you’re spending on social media to sell your house is worth it.

Use real estate marketplaces

Speaking of marketplaces, there are some that are fully dedicated to home selling. These are real estate marketplaces online. Websites like Zillow offer comprehensive instructions on how to sell your house through their website. However, not everyone is savvy when it comes to selling and business trades. If that’s the case for you, you can put your house on real estate marketplaces via an agent.

List your house through these real estate marketplaces and let the agent do the talking with potential clients. All you have to do is clean your house for home buyer visits.

Utilizing technology

If you feel like frequent homebuyer visits are a little invasive, why not offer a 3D house tour instead. You can make them do the virtual tour first and let them visit your house personally if they want to see more. This may not be for everyone because you’re surely going to spend some if you chose this type of marketing.

These are just some ways to market your house in the online world. These are workable options that you can try if ever you’re ready to take home selling to a whole new market.

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