The Four Essentials When Starting a Construction Company in the U.K.

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The United Kingdom is one of the countries fast recovering from the pandemic. The country’s economy shrank by a staggering 9.3% when the pandemic hit. However, it recovered by 7% a year after. Now, the country is in the process of full recovery. One particular industry benefitting from this is the construction industry.

The construction industry in the U.K. is worth more than 300 billion pounds. It’s a sector that employs 2.3 million people. The industry is one of the most important in the U.K. because it drives economic growth. Construction activity directly contributes to GDP growth. If you want to be a part of this industry and start a construction company in the U.K., there are four essentials you need:

Robust Training Process

If there is one thing you should prioritize in your firm, that thing should be safety. Hundreds of employees die every year in construction-related accidents. Your priority should be to ensure the safety of your employees by implementing a robust training process. You need to train your employees to operate machinery and equipment safely.

If you can’t do this training yourself, then you have options. One of the best options is to book an online CSCS course. This course will help your employees to understand the latest health and safety standards. It will also give them the knowledge they need to operate safely in a construction environment.

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) is a card scheme that helps workers to prove their competence. The CSCS card confirms that an employee has completed the necessary training to work safely on a construction site. Your employees should have this card the moment they enter your firm, especially those who are coming from other construction companies.

Construction workers wearing appropriate gear

Safety Gear

Another safety essential you need in your construction company is the proper safety gear. Your employees need to have the proper clothing, footwear, and equipment to work safely on a construction site

Some of the safety gear your employees need include:

  • Hard hats
  • Steel-toe boots
  • Hi-vis clothing
  • Ear protection
  • Safety glasses
  • Dust masks

You can either purchase this safety gear yourself or provide your employees with an allowance to buy the gear themselves. Either way, you must ensure your employees have the proper safety gear before they start working on a construction site. You should have a budget of at least 1,000 pounds per employee for this safety gear.

Construction Insurance

Construction insurance is another essential you need when starting a construction company in the U.K. This type of insurance protects your company from any liability arising from construction work. It also covers any damage to property or injury to people that may occur during construction work.

There are different types of construction insurance available in the market. But here are some of the essentials:

Workers’ Compensation

The current state of the pandemic makes it hard to find workers. So, when you finally find good employees, you must protect them. This is where workers’ compensation insurance comes in. This insurance covers your employees if they get sick or injured while working on a construction site.

Employers’ Liability

This type of insurance is compulsory for all construction companies in the U.K. It covers any liability arising from the death or injury of an employee while working on a construction site.

Public and Products Liability

This type of insurance protects your company from any liability arising from damage to property or injury to people during construction work.

Construction All Risks

This all-encompassing insurance covers all types of risks that may occur during construction work. It’s one of the most comprehensive insurances you can get for your construction company.

To get construction insurance, you need to contact an insurance broker. They will help you find the right policy for your company.

Construction Licenses

Another essential you need when starting a construction company in the U.K. is a construction license. This license allows you to carry out specific types of construction work.

Different construction licenses are available, so you need to choose the right one for your company.

You need a controlled demolition license if you want to carry out demolition work. If you’re going to build or make home alterations, you need a domestic building license. If you work on non-domestic buildings, you need a non-domestic building license.

You can apply for a construction license online. The application process is straightforward, and you should receive your license within six weeks.

These are the four essentials you need when starting a construction company in the U.K. Making sure you have these in place will help your company run smoothly and avoid legal issues. It can also help your firm get more clients and projects. It can even help you save money in the long run.

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