The Best Poses for Baby Photos

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Photographs are the best choice for remembering significant events in your life. Most people assume chronicling a child’s life starts at his/her first birthday party. These records should, however, begin at a maternity shoot right from your first trimester. While a maternity photo-shoot might not be such a challenge to pose for, the poses for your baby photos before they turn a year old are not as easy. You need to consider the safety of your baby while taking the photo and remember that his/her immunity system is not so strong.

The poses and props your Melbourne-based newborn photographer will choose for your child are age-appropriate ones. This means that opting to take the photographs as a DIY project will not only mean substandard photos but also put your child at risk of injuries and compromise his/her immunity. The following are a few of the best poses for your baby’s photographs.

Back Pose

This is a natural and simple pose for a newborn. Your baby will simply lie on his/her back with the hands on the tummy. In the back pose, a photographer will ensure he/she closes in on the details like the little fingers and toes. This adds an element of storytelling to your shoot. The best choice is to take the photo when the baby is asleep. This way, the baby will hold the pose for an extended period and be calm for the shoot.

Side-Lying Pose

This pose will start with the baby on his/her tummy before you gently ease him/her to the side. This way, the baby will rest on his/her sidearm with the legs crossed. In a side lying pose, the image is directly shot facing the baby to generate an intimate photo of your baby. A full-length side lying pose will include tiny details of the fingers and toes. This is also the best pose for a close up as the baby will look very comfortable and cute.



This pose is the ideal one for parents who want to get a cuddly and warm photo of their baby. The baby will be wrapped tight then lay on a pretty blanket or flannel sheet. Swaddling is the best option for fussy children since they will remain tightly curled up and comfortable during the shoot. This way, you can have your child awake through the shoot with no worry of muddling the photo.

Tummy Pose

This is the most versatile pose and will allow several cute poses and angles. While the baby is sturdy and resilient, be cautious with his/her fragile neck and head and let the baby relax before turning their head. The top-down, front side portrait and chin-on hands are the common variations of the tummy pose.

To further boost the look of your baby’s photos, you should consider adding a few props. Some of the safest and best-looking include dolls, non-scented flowers, hats, crates, baskets, blankets and valises. In most cases, the ideal proper is one that holds some relevance to your family. With the right, pose, photographer and props, you can guarantee a photo you will want to show off to generations to come.

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