Tracking Down Success: Why Your Business Should Use GPS Technology

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GPS technology is embedded in our daily lives, on our phones, cars and other modes of transportation, and, chances are, the stuff you’ve used have utilized GPS technology when shipping or transporting it to where you got it. Even law enforcement and other emergency services that we rely on use GPS technology. Businesses aren’t strangers to GPS either. Big companies and those in the shipping and logistics industry use GPS technology extensively, but even medium and small scale businesses have started to use GPS technology.

Industries Using GPS Technology

Car rental services use GPS technology for the benefit of the users, as well as to track down where their cars are and avoid theft. Restaurant and other food industries use GPS for their delivery. And even businesses that require field deployment and services (such as repairs, construction, etc.) use GPS to get to where they need to be correctly. Retailing and manufacturing businesses could also use GPS to track down where their raw material, machinery, and goods are.

So, if your business involves transportation and tracking in any way, here are things that might convince you to use GPS technology in your operations as well:

Reduce Cost, Increase Efficiency

If you’re delivering products to your customers or transporting goods and equipment to your vendors or other branches of operation, GPS technology (tracking and navigating) can help you plot out the better and shorter routes so you could save time, as well as fuel. Your logistics operations would require less operational costs, and you can deliver your products on time or even ahead of schedule. Consequently, this results in more satisfied customers as well as continued operations for your vendors and/or branches. And as your routes become more optimized, you can increase the number of trips which means more business and profit. Overall, GPS technology allows your business to be streamlined and competitive.

Minimize Losses, Lower Insurance Cost

In case of vehicle theft, it would be easier to track down your business’ vehicles and the goods stored inside (which could also have GPS tracking device on them as an added layer of security). So GPS tracking can help your business track and locate lost or stolen goods and assets. Insurance companies often provide discounts on vehicles with a GPS tracking system as it helps reduce risks.

Woman using navigation system while driving a car

Monitor and Manage Your Drivers and Field Staff

GPS tracking allows your business to know if your driver and/or field staff takes unnecessary or unscheduled stops and routes which could delay delivery, incur more fuel costs, or even put the goods (and the vehicle) at risk of theft. So having GPS tracking, or even simply having your drivers know that they are being monitored and would less likely stray from their intended route.


It’s worth noting that if you’re going to use GPS for your business/company, it’s best to have a consistent and high-quality GPS device that’s been tested througha multi-element GPS simulator. That way, you’d have lesser risks of losing signal when going through tunnels or any densely-covered areas or have GPS signal interfered by tall buildings or even by jamming technology. So, if you’re serious about integrating GPS technology into your business to reap its benefits, make sure you don’t skimp on the quality.


GPS technology is a huge boon to small and big businesses, especially those that involve the transportation of products, raw material, and equipment. And if you ever decide to invest in it, make sure to choose high-quality ones that can fulfill their purpose to optimize your operations.

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