Why More Companies Are Using Tablets

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Tablet computers, or simply “tablets”, have gained their popularity as devices with bigger screens making browsing and reading easier, and often have better hardware for gaming. However, small and big companies have started using tablets for business operations ranging from reports, presentations, record-keeping/checking, and processing data at the office or even in the field.

So here are some advantages of tablets that may convince your company to integrate them into your operations:

Portable and More Convenient

As compared to a laptop or netbook, tablets aren’t as bulky or heavy, but they can still store or give you access to the information you need, as well as allow you to process data on the go. Not only that, it’s easier to reply to crucial business-and-operations-related email and messages on the tablet instead of your smartphone due to having a larger screen. Bigger screens also make them easy to display information for presentations, as well as when inputting data as compared to a smartphone.

Add-ons such as cases with built-in keyboards make tablets the perfect and more lightweight substitute for netbooks and laptops. Additionally, you can charge them using a portable power bank instead of trying to find a socket to charge your computer (which could be challenging when you’re in the field or travelling).

Access and Updates

Since it’s portable, you can easily stay up to date with any operational or project updates. And for companies and businesses using cloud-based software, having a tablet allows one to work outside the office whether at home or the field.

Affordable and Accessible

using a tablet while on the bus

Tablets are quite affordable; even high-spec rugged tablets (built for better durability and performance) such as ones offered by Zebra are reasonably priced. Not only that, a lot of tech companies manufacture and sell tablets, which means that these companies try to be as competitive as possible by giving the best quality at the best price and that you have a wide range of options to choose from. You also wouldn’t have to worry much about repairs since most manufacturers such as Zebra have authorized third-party service providers that are qualified and equipped tooffer Zebra repair services and maintenance.

Useful in Harsher Environments

Tablets aren’t only used in the office; in fact, most tablets have seen more use in the field. Its portability means that it can quickly be brought and used in places that are difficult or impossible for laptops or netbooks. Some tablets are even optimized for harsh environments such as the deserts, or in hazardous jobs like mining; these tablets often come in shock-proof, dust-proof, and waterproof, rugged casings. There are also industrial or military-grade protective tablet cases you can purchase to allow commercial tablets to be used in these environments as well.

So if you’re in an industry like mining, construction, or shipping, that exposes your workers and their equipment to rain, seawater, dust, impact, and other hazards that would typically damage netbooks and laptops, it’s best to use a rugged tablet or have one with high-grade protective cover.


Tablets may have started its popularity as a device for reading and gaming, but more companies have started using tablets for their business and operations, and good reason. So, whether your company’s operations are on the field or at the office, workplace tablets might be the next big investment that could help improve your operations and workforce.

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