Using Technology to Better Manage Your Fleet in the Pandemic

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Businesses have significantly developed, thanks to technology. We no longer have to rely on mountains of paper documents to evaluate how well our company is doing. Today, we have to rely on computers to do most of the work for us. Of course, it doesn’t do all the work. But it takes a lot of weight off our shoulders. And it allows us to do it remotely as well. This has been extremely beneficial, especially now that we’re currently facing a pandemic. Not to mention that a new strain of the virus had just been discovered. And it is said to be more contagious than the original strain.

When it comes to fleet management, you’re in charge of handling tons of vehicles. Each vehicle has to be assessed and evaluated one-by-one. Technology allows you to collect data from all your assets automatically and without hassle. Allowing you to manage a bigger fleet efficiently and with more ease, even at the safety of your own home. But what technology is used specifically? And how has it helped fleet management easier? The leading technology being used in fleet management is fleet management or asset management software. Here’s how it helps make fleet management easier:

  • Real-time GPS tracking

When it comes to fleet management, the most important asset you have is your vehicles. And what better way to keep track of your cars than with a GPS. This allows you to keep track of all your vehicles wherever they are while they’re on the go. And you can track them in real-time from the safety of your own home.

  • Maintenance scheduling

Vehicles are supposed to have regular maintenance. If you’re managing plenty of vehicles it can be challenging to know which particular ones need to be maintained at a specific time. Your fleet management software can predict when particular vehicles need to be maintained or repaired. This way, you’ll never have to forget another day of maintenance, making it safer for your employees and your customers too. It is also better for your business since it allows you to get vehicles on the road as soon as possible and as safe as possible.

  • Cost monitoring

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A lot of costs go into fleet management. This includes the costs of the vehicle themselves, maintenance, repairs, and fuel. The software allows you to analyze your expenses and reduce your costs. It also helps analyze how you can change operations to be the most cost-effective and enable you to get the highest returns.

  • Inventory managing

The software will allow you to take note of all the vehicles under your fleet. You get to see precisely how many there are and where they are. And whether they’ve fulfilled their jobs or not. It not only takes note of the vehicles under your fleet. Fleet management software will record all of the equipment and assets you handle.

  • Route optimizing

Since the software tracks everywhere your vehicles go. From their starting point to their resting stops and final destinations. It records all of this information to analyze the best routes to take to save time. Finding the fastest way to get from point A to point B will not only save time. But it’ll also save you costs on fuel. It also helps you find the safest route as well. That means avoiding any road constructions or accident-prone areas. This won’t only benefit the company, but your customers as well. And we all know how important fast delivery time these days should be.

  • Licensing

In handling vehicles, there is a lot of paperwork that needs to be taken care of, especially proper licensing and permits. The software will alert you if you need any licenses or permits to be updated and renewed. That way, you can ensure that your company isn’t breaking any laws. Failure to renew the proper permits will most probably result in spending some big bucks.

  • Customer service

The software not only takes care of the inner workings of your company. It also makes sure to give your customers the best customer service there is. That includes allowing them to track their orders as well.

Although the pandemic has forced the majority of us into our homes, some businesses continue to work. Fleet management companies being one of them. Thanks to technology and software such as this, fleet management is being done with more ease and efficiency. People are no longer relying on spreadsheets and having to record and report everything manually. Now, all it takes is a single computer and a single database to control your entire fleet. And you can do it from the safety of your own home too.

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