3 Time Management Secrets Every Millennial Should Know to Succeed

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Sometimes, we feel like there are not enough hours in a day, especially when it comes to hectic work schedules. Some days we even have to sacrifice our sleep and skip meals just to hit the deadline. But if you know what it takes to manage your time, it can play a crucial role in your success in the future.

All of us have dealt with poor time management now and then, and others continue to do so. And with all the technological advancements and influence of social media, it’s easy to laze off and procrastinate. Especially for millennials who have mostly reached adulthood. Well, don’t get us wrong. But many are spending 18 hours a day on social media alone. However, which way you look at it, it’s a lot of time has been thrown to waste. Unless, of course, you’re a social media manager.

Fortunately, there are tricks and tweaks to help you get more of your time. Productivity is the name of the game. Here are 3 essentials to get you in the front seat of your career.

Write Down Your Goals

For one, setting your goals lets you focus more on success. Call them the stepping stones to your ultimate destination. Truth be told, your journey will have bumps along the way. But goals will guide you to stay focused on what matters most.

So the secret is not just to shoot from the hip and write your goals down. Don’t put them all in your head. By doing so, you’ll be more aware of what you should be spending your time with and what temptations to avoid. In short, you gain clarity.

But the trick is not to make such high goals. Instead, set a short term goal. For one, you can use the SMART technique to get your goals in order. What do you want to achieve in six months? With this, you can easily begin your time management schedule. If you are used to it, then you can set goals for the next years to come.

And here’s a tip. Aim for what is only achievable at the moment and be realistic in your plans.

Make a To-do List Daily

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You won’t always like the tasks in your work. Oftentimes, it is difficult to know what needs to be done first. Most especially if you have a full workload with a deadline. But a great trick is to do the tasks which hold the most importance. Whatever it is that causes you stress in doing so should be dealt with immediately.

Making a list is an effective way to keep things organized. Doing so will give you a clear picture of the things you have to accomplish. In this sense, listing daily will help you achieve more of your time every day. Note that setting the day’s priorities is top of the checklist in the most productive CEOs of today.

Also, you need to keep in mind to look for opportunities to always level up your performance at work. Challenges are inevitable in our lives. If you can make the most of your day, you lessen the burden that comes from challenges that come your way.

Then again, if you want to put your leadership skills a notch higher, getting tried-and-tested leadership training is the way to go. A good example is the Miick Method which has produced life-changing results in many participant-leaders today. When you pursue continuous learning with fervor as the method does, your potential to shine is simply over-the-charts.

Learn when to Procrastinate

Sometimes, we become defensive over tasks that we think are stressful. And we find reasons to delay it. As a millennial, most of us take short detours now and then to go to social media or meet with friends. And what seems to be a short detour has turned into several hours of procrastinating. This habit is increasingly harder to break.

While some of us can work under pressure, a lot of time still has gone to waste. The worry that you created while lazing off will not help you succeed in the long run. Recognize when to take a break will help break this habit. For instance, blocking all social media sites when you are working, especially when you have a full workload is a good way to start.

As always, the fruits of your labor come after a vigorous pursuit. Taking regular time off the task at hand only helps to reinvigorate your brain cells and your body. In effect, you would definitely arrive at a better solution to the task that way. For a digital native, it’s strategic thinking at its finest.

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