Women Hold Impossible Standards for Men

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It’s hard to be a man in the dating world, especially after Trump got elected. Men are held to such high standards — some of which make absolutely no sense.

Your Dating Preference Will Be Judged

If you use a matchmaker app or go on a dating site, you can always choose which women you find attractive. Apparently, in the age of identity politics, that’s very problematic. If you prefer beautiful women, that makes you a misogynist. If you prefer to date actual women, that makes you transphobic. The fact that you want to date women exclusively and not men automatically makes you homophobic. Leftist society, which is almost every college campus in the USA, imposes impossible standards on men and their dating choices.

Interracial dating is especially problematic if you’re a white guy. Are you dating a person of color? You probably have a fetish or want to impose the white supremacist patriarchy on your date. Are you not dating a person of color? You’re probably a racist. Even if you do get a date that’s ok with you having a particular preference, you need to check your privilege and make sure that you’re not unintentionally harassing her.

You Need to Look Like a Model to Get Dates

Women only find 20 percent of men attractive. You need to look your best to get likes in that dating app. Of course, you’ll also need to be financially secure, well-educated, and have a height of over 6 feet. Apparently, the standards held up to men with regard to their dating preference don’t apply to women. While men are attracted to women of varying looks, women are attracted to only the most attractive men. This phenomenon is more apparent in cities like New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco — cities where Third-wave Feminism and Leftist ideologies have taken root. Sadly, this has made Liberal men the unhappiest demographic followed closely by Liberal women.

Playing the Game

Browsing the menu of an expensive restaurant

Unless you’ve got that celebrity looks, play on the common interests you have with a girl. Having something in common makes you a bit more attractive, and you’ll at least have something to talk about. Stay away from politics. If that girl is a politically active Liberal, you will be inundated with claims of male patriarchy, the oppression Olympics, intersectional ideologies, and a lot of other things that make dating horrible. If you have to date a politically active woman — date a Republican. They’re not as judgmental, and they won’t think you’re evil just because you were born a man. Learn a foreign language or get an exciting hobby like leatherworking, archery, or wine tasting. It makes you more interesting, and it gives you a little more confidence.

Even if you’re not the most attractive person, you shouldn’t let society (especially Leftist society) dictate who you should and shouldn’t date. Yes, looks matter, so always try to look your best and keep good hygiene. However, keep in mind that real relationships are built with personal connections and not just physical attraction.

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