6 Helpful and Fun Websites You Wish You Knew Earlier

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The fun that the internet brings is not only with how it makes everything so much easier. There are also gems on the internet that can take away your boredom or help you with the most mundane things. In fact, the World Wide Web is a treasure trove of fun websites and software.

There is a website dedicated to each of your needs. In the business world, there is software for financial analytics to streamline your business planning and prevent forecasting errors. On the other hand, some sites aim to help you in your fitness journey, and tons of educational apps help you learn at school. And then, there are amazing websites you will wish you knew earlier.

1. Future Me

If you like writing letters, this will be interesting for you. Additionally, if you like the feeling of finding letters kept from years ago, you will love this.

This website will let you write a letter to the future you. You will draft your letter, pour all your heart’s content, and then select a date in the future when you want to receive it. The letter will arrive in your email on your chosen date.

The most fun part is when you have completely forgotten about writing yourself a letter. And then one day, you just get a notification that you received a letter from yourself from years ago. Either you will cringe at the content or be amused about how much your situation and mindset have changed.

2. Does the Dog Die?

Do you ever want to watch a movie with your family, but you don’t know whether there are scenes inappropriate for children or those that will raise your parents’ eyebrows? Well, worry no more because this website is designed to help people decide whether to go for a movie or not.

When you search for a movie, you will find out whether there is sexual content or other inappropriate scenes. This is also helpful when you want to avoid emotional triggers or trauma. Under every title, there is a list of questions like: Are there clowns? Are there spiders? Is someone abducted? Is there hate speech? Are there n-words?

You can also use this website to look up book titles.

3. Power Pointer

Everyone has been there, shaking your mouse awake when you can’t figure out where your pointer is. Well, this website will help you in the funniest way possible. It uses codes to identify the exact location of your pointer on the screen. And the best part is that it loads a random picture of people casually pointing at that location where your pointer is. Every time you lose your mouse, funny pictures will come up on the screen to show you where it is.

4. Radiooooo

Do you ever want to know what kind of music they played on the Titanic in 1912? This website will let you do that. On a large map, you can select a country and a decade, and it will allow you to listen to music they used to playback then. You can go back to as early as 1910.

This is a fascinating site if you like learning about the music of different countries in different periods. You will see how much it has changed over the years. Go and look up what your parents used to listen to when they were teens.

5. Not Always Right


If you work in retail, you very well know that the customers are not always right. If you can’t find an outlet to let go of your frustrations at work, this website will help you let it out.

You will find here tons of stories about people’s worst experiences with customers. Not only will you find similar stories, but you will also get some insights on how to handle the situations in a classy way or with the biggest clap-back.

6. What the Font

For designers and designer wannabes out there, the frustration you get not knowing what a particular font typeface is called is understandable. Or at least, this website understands. Just upload a picture of the mystery font, and you will get its name right away. This saves you a lot of time instead of checking all font families out there, which obviously sounds like a tiring task.

Final Thoughts

With these fine and amazing websites, don’t you just feel grateful for being born in the age of the internet? Boredom is almost a non-issue if you keep looking hard enough. There will always be something to occupy yourself with.



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