Flat Lay Photography: Why It Works on Products

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Flat lay photos are almost everywhere. You can see them on Pinterest, Instagram, and in magazines. These photos contain key objects you want to feature, from food items to fashion pieces. Instead of having models to hold or wear the products, you lay them on a flat surface to create a beautiful composition. It will then be photographed from above.

This type of product photography has been popular among e-commerce sites for years. Luxury brands, like Dior, use flat lay to present products on their website.

Why apply the technique for your products?

Convey Your Message Clearly

The defining trait of flat lay photography is the bird’s eye view perspective. This perspective offers a different view of a subject, which can make colors, patterns, and textures stand out. In case you’re featuring jewelry pieces, your photographer can shoot at a slight angle to get better lighting. A professional retouching service can help enhance the final output.

Additionally, flat lay photos are easy on the eyes. They also deliver a message clearly and effectively. Customers can find them appealing because these photos are fun and adaptable. This technique is suitable for almost any brand.

Flat lay photos are also a creative way to tell a story. The elements surrounding your product help bring it to life. That’s why it’s crucial to be selective about the items you will use for your flat lay to create compelling images for your website.

Creating Attractive Flat Lay Photos

Flat lay photos are easy to create. Although you can use your smartphone camera to take these photos, a DSLR camera with some lighting equipment will produce high-quality photos. Customers shopping online rely heavily on photos they see on the website because they can’t feel or touch them.

Since flat lay photography is a popular style, it’s challenging to come up with original ideas. Despite that, flat lay photography offers endless possibilities you can explore.

Here are three tips to help you produce interesting flat lay photos:

  • Don’t be afraid to use colors

Laying down items on a flat, white surface is a go-to flat lay photography style. You don’t have to stick with that, however. Use eye-popping colors or fresh and bold color combinations, so your image grabs attention.

  • Try a variety of backgrounds

Make sure you have various backgrounds suitable for any mood or concept. Materials like colored papers, white fabric, wood, and concrete come handy. Choose a background that complements your composition and not detract from your product.

  • Proper lighting is vital

Flat lay of stationery

Lighting is crucial for any type of photography. You can use natural light or artificial light for flat lay photos. In some cases, you may use both artificial and natural lighting to produce a specific mood or capture a certain style.

Product photography doesn’t have to be a whole production, featuring models and different locations. With the flat lay technique, you only need to get the lighting, the composition, and the concept right to create an image that grabs shoppers’ attention.

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